Please send large and colour print jobs to Reprographics

Hello, a new high volume printer is online in the Cadbury print room.

The printer will turn around jobs quicker than standard MFPs around the college and offer a higher quality.

We advise you to send large print and colour jobs to this printer.

Please send to ‘Cadbury-Reprographics’ in your printer list.

Release is the same as the FollowMe Printer, simply scan your card.

Thank You

Bring Your Own Device Printing


This is just a short message to show that it is easy to print from personal devices in college. Simply connect your device to eduroam WiFi.

On apple devices, no First Time user setup is needed, when you go to print on IOS (iPhone or iPad) the college printers you have access to such as ‘FollowMe Printer’ will automatically appear. For MacOS, simply go to add a printer, and the college printers will be available.

On Android, Follow this link, it takes 2 minutes, then you’re ready.

On Windows – Again Follow this link for details, it takes two minutes!

Chromebooks – Follow this link!

eduroam WIFI now available

We have now extended eduroam wireless access to Cadbury Campus and Cadbury staff and students. Once connected your device will connect to the college’s eduroam wireless network at any of our campus’s automatically, and also at any organisations who also run eduroam on their networks. Visitors to Cadbury with eduroam details will also automatically be able to connect to the Cadbury wireless network.

The current college WIFI networks already in place are unaffected by this change, but we advise you to connect to eduroam for the best experience.

To connect:

Connect to the wireless network: eduroam

Your username is :

Password: Your college network password.

Incase you have any issues joining, please see the link here for detailed connection details:

Thank You

Virtual Desktop External Access System for Cadbury Staff and Students

Hello there!

Just a quick note to inform you that as part of the college, Cadbury staff and students have now been given access to the virtual desktop system for an additional way to access services externally.

The system gives you the ability to use a college desktop PC in your web browser on any device with ease externally from the college.

The system is available under applications on the portal so simply visit the portal externally and click the link to use the system, you will see it is now visible as ‘Virtual Desktop’, or save the address to straight to your bookmarks.

The Link is also available on the college website, in the systems list look for ‘Virtual Desktop’.

Thank You

Bring Your Own Device Info

The college network supports BYOD (Bring your own device).

If you would like to access the network on your own device, connect to ‘Eduroam’. This will grant you access to the college network.

Systems such as the H Drive, and printing to the Follow Me Printers are then available!

If you are stuck, ask!

Welcome to the Staff Portal

Here you can access resources and links to college systems.

Take a look down the left hand side tabs for access to resources.

You will find the various college applications available on the right by clicking ‘Applications’.

This is a one stop place for access to all services such as Moodle, Email, EBS and ProMonitor.


Student Access to Services

Student have access to their services via their own dedicated portal like staff.

Please direct them to check out their browser Home Page where they will be taken to the portal.

Here they can see college announcements as well as access to services such as Student Email, ProMonitor, the Cashless and Web Print systems and H Drive access remotely via the web or app

Like staff, these pages are available externally.

Staff Feedback / Suggestions

Go Here to access Staff Feedback / Suggestions page on Moodle – You will be prompted to log in to Moodle but all submissions are anonymous

College Resources From Home

If you wish to work from home then we recommend you add this site, the “Staff Portal”, to your devices.

  • On college equipment it is already your start page!
  • For your home PC or on mobile devices enter the web address in your browser to visit this page and then add to your bookmarks.

By adding this page you will have quick access to the college applications and Resources. N.B. some sites, such as ebs and the phonebook,  are only available whilst inside college so you will need to use the AnyConnect VPN software on your college laptop .