The Careers Service may have already helped you with career or course information when you joined the College. Its aim then was to help you find the right course, at the right level, to help you move towards your aims.

Now you are a student the Service offers the same help planning your next steps to achieve your aims. Ask at reception for information, use the drop-in service, or to make an appointment with an adviser.

The Careers Advisers are located in the Careers Hub just before the entrance barriers. They can help you to develop your job search skills (CV's, Interviews, application forms), apply to University and plan your future career.

Online information can be found in the Virtual College, click the following links to visit the pages...
Careers Support (CEIAG)
UCAS Applications and H.E.
Job Vacancies and Job Shop

As a college student you have access to the following additional careers information services